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1. Round tube container in acrylic material (transparent), clear to see trough when balls running & bumping each. 2. Pulling the gate on top (by hand) once and comes out   with one number ball each time. 3. Continues for 7 balls max kept in the tray. If the number is not able to repeat use, roll it out directly. 4. Size: 50 x 50 x 150 cm including wheels. * Sample order welcome and please contact for transporation cost that depends on location.

Snake tongs extensible

The best & most convenient tool if you found any size of snake. You may catch it easily & safety right away. Please find the specification & advantages as below. 5-section extensible from 110~162CM Super-light aluminum pipe material, with a total weight of only 0.9KG Its large mouth and reverse-hook clamp allow easy capturing of reptiles The handle is equipped with a safety lock

Automatic Lotto Machine

Automatic Lottery Machine Starting either by coin-inserted, button-pressing or remote control mechanism. The user can set up the machine to draw specific number of balls (between 1 and 8 balls). The machine will then draw the specified number of balls and then stop automatically.

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